How to Spend Better

We’ve all heard ‘Buy Australian’ or ‘Shop Local’. But how do our different spending choices effect the local economy?

We’ve put together a very simple guide to show you helpful and unhelpful spending across a range of categories. There are lots more examples, but the idea remains the same.

Better choices = a better Australia!

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Things that don’t really help our economy (and can actively hurt local businesses)

  • International streaming services
    (Netflix, Spotify, etc)
  • International travel and food delivery platforms
    (Uber Eats,, etc)
  • Buying from overseas/global online stores
    (Asos, Chain Reaction Cycles, etc)
  • Buying from offshore eBay sellers
  • Using offshore freelancer services
    (Fiverr, Upwork, etc)


Providing local jobs, but selling foreign products and owned by foreign companies

  • International retail chains
    (Apple, H&M, Zara, etc)
  • Buying from local eBay sellers of mass-produced, cheap imported goods (generally not many local jobs involved here)
  • Booking foreign travel with local agents (local agents = good, but foreign travel = money leaving our economy. Use agents to book local instead!)


Helping Aussie brands and businesses, but selling imported products

  • Certain consumer electronics goods
    (Breville, etc)
  • Various fashion brands
    (Bonds, Rip Curl, etc)


Aussie made products with foreign owners

  • Some consumer electronics
    (e.g. Westinghouse)
  • Some previously Australian fashion brands
    (e.g. RM Williams)


Supporting local ownership, and keeping more jobs and profits local

  • Certain iconic Aussie fashion brands
    (UGG, Akubra)
  • Local artists and makers (i.e. handmade goods)
  • Most restaurants and gyms (excluding some franchises)
  • Trades, nurseries, etc (almost always local owners)
  • Small businesses listed here under Australian Made (click here for link)


How will you help?

The less money you spend on the left side of the table above, and the more you spend on the right, the more you’re helping shorten the dip and restore Australia’s economy. In fact, by working together, we won’t just restore it – we’ll be making a significant shift towards the long term prosperity of our country!

It’s time to Save Australia

This is part of our initiative to #shortenthedip. We can each do our bit to help with the economic recovery, by saving and then spending locally.

Use Nudge Saver

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