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We’re building Nudge to help you take back control of your goals and your finances. That means less debt, less guilt, and more satisfaction. Win!

Our mission:

To empower people to reach their goals faster, using technology to help them save more money, more often, and recruit others to help them along the journey.
We’re a Sydney-based team of technology and marketing experts passionate about changing the status quo.

What we believe:

• Current world systems are unfairly stacked against consumers
• Technology should help, not hinder, people
• Data belongs to users, not platforms
• People are not products to be sold
• Good businesses benefit people, investors, and society.
Our team has previously worked on projects for banks and other financial services companies, built various online platforms, and managed e-commerce stores for major brands.
We’re now turning our attention to Nudge as a way to provide people with a genuine solution to helping them reach their goals. Be part of our story by signing up below!

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