Swan Valley

Kununurra is the eastern gateway to the Kimberley. Take a helicopter flight over one of the world’s most unique ranges – the Bungle Bungle Range. Cruise the wildlife rich waters of a man-made lake so huge it’s classed as an inland sea. Follow in the tracks of pioneering legends along the Gibb River Road, chase the mighty barramundi, or gain a true connection to country with one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth.

It’s time to Save Australia

This goal is part of our initiative to #shortenthedip. We can each do our bit to help with the economic recovery, by saving and then spending locally.

Use Nudge Saver

You can save Australia in a range of ways. But if you like the idea of visually tracking your savings goals, getting notifications that prompt you to save a little extra, and having the option to connect to any Australian bank account… well, you might as well sign up today while it’s still 100% free!

Available now on iOS and (very) soon on Android.